Facebook B2B Begins: Why Facebook Exchange Is the Next Big Thing

by Digiday

facebook b2bDoes the new Facebook Exchange usher in a brave new world of Facebook B2B advertising? One business marketer thinks so.

Bizo CEO Russ Glass writes in Digiday that Facebook B2B is suddenly a critical to your B2B marketing efforts “and could ultimately be even more important and scalable than LinkedIn.” Glass suggests that the introduction of Facebook Exchange, recently opened to a few beta partners, “would make Facebook inventory available to exchange and real-time bidding” which will “open the door to advertising targeted to both the advertiser’s own data and other third-party data outside of the Facebook ecosystem.”

As proof of the significance of the new Exchange, Glass points out that “33% of the impressions on the web are on Facebook inventory,” and that this is the first time Facebook B2B marketing is capable of driving high-quality leads just from the business audience. Glass is excited about the prospect, citing early results showing up to “300% better cost-per-leads than traditional display” advertising.