Explaining Scrum to Middle Management

by Agile and Business

Though your product development team may understand Scrum and its benefits, there’s a good chance middle management does not.

“Yes, they see benefits here and there, but often not for themselves. They should actually see benefits for themselves, but no one shows them how to realize those benefits. We just assume they will naturally, without any explanation, understand and adapt to, the change (to Scrum).”

So how should you explain Scrum to your management teams? Here are some good lines, courtesy Joe Little:

Your job has gotten better

Explain to middle management how their jobs have improved…

  • There’s now a more effective framework to team management
  • Without “the waterfall,” you can now see real progress in the Scrum team’s success
  • No need to push team members harder and harder—your job now is to remove impediments
  • You’ll get help from the team … and more recognition, up and down

There are also aspects of Scrum that’ll promote career growth and development, as well as a more upfront and honest approach to product development.

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