“Expansion Stage” at OpenView


I use quotes around the term “expansion stage” because we are at a point in our life cycle where we are expanding to a new space. It has been an exciting time here at OpenView Venture Partners over the last few months with planning and executing the addition of our new space.

operational support
We are going to be using this space as a conference center to house our quarterly forums, portfolio company board meetings and mini-forums/educational sessions for expansion stage portfolio and prospect companies.

We have hosted our previous quarterly meetings in rented hotel space. This will be the first time in my career that I will be getting together everything for a large meeting internally. I did not realize how heavily I relied upon hotel Event and Banquet staffs until I had to think of it all on my own. As an operational support professional here at our Boston venture capital firm, I have learned many things and grown in my career. I am looking forward to this new challenge and will blog about how it is all going!