Executive Decision Making: Trust Yourself

by Inc.

In the end, executive decision making falls on your shoulders, and yours alone. Learn how to get helpful input from others while still keeping the final say your own.

executive decision making

Jeff Haden of Blackbird Media knows that executive decision making has to be done solo.

“The business world trains us to actively solicit opinions, bounce ideas off other people, and run our ideas up proverbial flagpoles in order to harness the amazing brain power of the many,” Haden writes in Inc., but for the big decisions that’s “the worst approach to take.”

Since “all that input and feedback and devil’s advocacy” grinds down your options until what you’re left with is safe and secure, Haden recommends trusting your own opinion to make bold moves. “You’ll fight through every obstacle and roadblock,” Haden says, “if only to prove yourself right.” He then presents a list of five ways to get input and opinions from others while still leaving the final executive decision making up to you.