Every Change Is a New Chance: Mark Suster on Recognizing Disruptive Opportunities

by Mashable

In order to capitalize on any new trend or innovation entrepreneurs have to be able to get out ahead of it. That means recognizing opportunities and formulating new business models — or adapting existing ones — accordingly.

“Moving at the pace of real-time isn’t fast enough anymore,” writes Brian Solis. “By looking ahead and studying emerging trends, you will have the insights necessary to introduce change into the organization — before ‘what’s next’ becomes the new reality.” In the latest episode of his Revolution video series for Mashable, Solis sits down with entrepreneur turned VC Mark Suster, general partner at GRP Partners, to “explore the state of innovation and the differences between emerging and disruptive technology as it impacts business and culture.” For more on how entrepreneurs can learn to recognize opportunities before they arrive, watch the full video.

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