5 Infographics Every Entrepreneur Needs to See

4) A Day in the Life from Inc.

Ever wonder what an average day in the life of a CEO looks like? Well, wonder no more. Inc. Magazine surveyed the CEOs from its Inc. 500 list and asked each to give an hour-by-hour report. The result is an infographic that reveals the type of day-to-day routine you’ll need to develop in order to keep up with the competition. Hope you didn’t enjoy that lunch break.

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  • Craig

    Definitely written by a VC! VCs are “endangered” — vs. rainmakers and marketing strategists nearly ubiquitous. If sales and marketing does their jobs, VCs are ubiquitous or unnecessary.

  • http://twitter.com/JulesRiedel Julie

    This infographic is hilarious–and spot on in so many ways.

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