Ensure Qualified Marketing Leads with a Perfected Lead Scoring Sheet

by Sales Benchmark Index

Take a quick look at your process to increase qualified marketing leads and provide your sales force with what they need.

qualified marketing leads

For your sales team to run like a well-oiled machine, you need to provide it with the best fuel. If the leads your marketing team is generating are coming over too early or too late in the buying process, it’s going to cause your sales force to sputter. In this post at Sales Benchmark Index, John Koehler explains how a quick diagnosis can leave you with better qualified marketing leads.

By implementing and honing a lead scoring system, you can ensure your sales team is receiving leads at the right time, says Koehler. Lead scoring helps you gauge when the time is right for the dialogue to shift from marketing to sales. Click through for common mistakes to look out for and examples for developing your system.