5 Ways to Ensure Your Partners Are Enhancing Customer Experience

by 1to1 Media

The customer experience you provide is only as good as its weakest link. When you’re partnered with companies that have an impact on customer service you need to make sure you’re working from the same playbook and preferably both playing good cop.

If you want to ensure something is done right you have to do it yourself. But what if you’re working with external partners? Such organizations may play a significant role in your customers’ overall experience that you can’t directly control. While you can’t necessarily call all the shots, the next best thing, advises Forrester Research Principal Analyst Paul Hagan, is to find ways to coordinate with and influence these partner organizations to enhance the overall customer experience.

In a guest post on The 1to1 Blog, Hagan suggests mapping your “CX ecosystem…the complex set of relationships among a company’s employees, partners, and customers that determines the quality of all customer interactions.” From there, sharing your expectations as well as voice of customer (VOC) data with your partners can go a long way toward getting you both on the same page. For more tips on ensuring your partner companies are coming through on their end of the customer experience bargain, read Hagan’s full article here.

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