Is This Startup the Answer to Engineer Recruiting Woes?

by VentureBeat

Entelo brings big data to engineer recruiting, connecting candidates with companies based on online activity.

engineer recruiting

Christina Farr of VentureBeat knows that tech companies are struggling with engineer recruiting and finding the top talent needed to develop new products. “Software engineers are more elusive than girls at a Silicon Valley tech conference,” she writes, and “in a bid to attract the most sought-after engineers, recruiters typically turn to the Internet.” Entelo, a Big Data startup, is trying to make engineer recruiting easier with its algorithm “that connects tech recruiters with likely candidates based on their online activity.”

Entelo Founder Jon Bischke says that the idea for his company came from meeting many other entrepreneurs who were struggling with engineer recruiting. His company’s algorithm “prioritizes engineers at companies that are experiencing a rocky quarter, a low stock price, or lay-offs,” so those likely interested in making a move are on the top of the pile.