End of Year Blogging: What the @%& do I write about?

Devon-McDonald by

Ahh… the glorious 2010 calendar. Christmas on a Saturday. New Years on a Saturday. Fabulous. That means fewer firm-wide vacation days and more time in the office for working stiffs like you and me.
This week in particular is a great time to write some end of year blog posts or blog posts scheduled for 2011.

Here are 10 topics to consider:

  • Year in Review — the highs and the lows for your industry.
  • Predictions for 2011 — What will be big, what will fade out?
  • Funny story about the holidays with your family/friends that is relatable to a business practice (pictures will give your blog some personality)
  • What you couldn’t live without in 2010 (product, service, person, etc.)
  • Business New Years Resolutions — what are you NOT going to do in 2011?
  • Your Best 3 Blog posts of 2010 — give a link with a 1-2 line summary as a teaser.
  • Who are the top 3 influencers in your space you enjoyed following in 2010 — what did they produce and what about these people make them so influential?
  • Best books of 2010 — what new publications are on your list and why?
  • A tribute to your best customer – Who are they? How have they used/applied your product/services, and why are you so pleased with them?
  • A tribute to an outstanding colleague(s) — Who has made your life easier this year? What have they done that is outstanding at your expansion stage company? Who would you like to give thanks to?

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