Employee Performance Reviews: One Key Metric You’re Probably Missing

by Inc.

When it comes to measuring employee performance, there is often one key element companies fail to evaluate.

In this article, Inc.’s Jeff Haden explains why employers should make sales skills a focal point of every employee’s performance review, regardless of whether or not the employee is in sales or not. “Every employee can and should play a role in generating sales, especially in a small business — no matter what job they perform,” he argue, using a story of how a service technician — not a salesperson — was recently able to close him on a sale as an example.

Adding sales skills and evaluation as a focus of employee performance reviews allows you to “identify specific ways your employees can solve problems or provide additional benefits — in short, generate additional sales and revenue — and give them the tools to complete those sales on their own,” Haden writes. “[Then] you can measure and, more importantly, reward the employees who generate additional revenue–even if they aren’t salespeople.”