Super Fans: How Employee Engagement Leads to Customer Engagement

by 1to1 Media

Your biggest — and most important — fans should be the ones who work for you.

When it comes to generating customer engagement, the conversation often revolves around product and customer experience.

Apple, for example, lets their design do much of the talking. But as Ginger Conlon argues in a post for the 1to1 Blog, there is a crucial element that is sometimes overlooked — there is no overestimating the impact of engaged and enthusiastic employees as cheerleaders and purveyors of your brand.

“Employee engagement — especially among customer-facing employees — is as important as customer engagement,” she writes, “because the former is often essential to the latter.” Conlon describes a recent experience at a Nike store in which she was blown away by the employees’ genuine appreciation of the store’s products and love for all things Nike. Not only were the sales people friendly and well-informed, they were also eager to share their own personal experiences and satisfaction with the products. As Conlon puts it, the experience was “no hard sell; lots of storytelling.” The result: next time she needs shoes the Nike store will be her first stop.

For more on the impact employee engagement can make on your customers, read Conlon’s full post here.

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