Elements of a Great Brand Story

vickilynn by Kyle Lacy

Use life experience to captivate and convince.

When writing stories about your brand, you have to captivate your audience. In order to craft a compelling story, you should first spend a lot of time in thinking mode, writes Kyle Lacy, CEO of BrandSwag.

Lacy shares his insights on writing focused brand stories in a recent blog. He suggests that marketers ask themselves the following crucial questions before putting any words to paper:

  • Why does the story matter to anyone else but you? This requires that you understand your audience so you can gauge how they will react to your story.
  • What is the purpose of your story? Decide whether you are sharing an experience, teaching a lesson or have another purpose.
  • What is your motivation? Understanding why you are telling the story will help you avoid writing just for the sake of writing.
  • What does the story reflect about you? You need to make the message clear, and help your audience to relate to (and like) you.

By asking these questions, Lacy suggests that you will better connect with your audience and in turn, they will better connect with your brand.