Effective Leadership Tips: 7 Ways to Inspire

by Inc.

Try these seven effective leadership tips that may not have occurred to you.

effective leadership

Jeff Haden of Blackbird Media offers seven tips on effective leadership that great leaders share in his latest post at Inc.

Haden begins by pointing out that “showing vulnerability is a humanizing way to break down the artificial barrier that typically separates bosses from employees,” but warns against doing so in “the wrong way.” Next, try to “leave room for initiative” when assigning something to your employees. That provides them with the chance to come up with ideas on their own that they can “own” and feel passionate about. After that, try to “give unexpected attention,” like noticing a small detail or praising “a particular phrase she used to smooth the transition from customer conflict to problem resolution.” Help employees fix problems that they cause, and offer them an underserved compliment every now and then. Read the complete post for more of Haden’s rules for effective leadership.