The Ultimate Guide to Retrospective Meetings

Are you practicing retrospectives?

Whether you are involved with agile retrospective meetings or not, the best way to ensure continuous improvement in your organization is to reflect and learn from past work. Through the practice of retrospectives, business professionals of all categories and levels can quickly learn to work more efficiently. Retrospectives are an effective way for organizations to:

  • Provide better insight into overall performance
  • Help identify process impediments and solve lingering problems
  • Clarify goals, roles and communication needs before retrospective meetings
  • Develop a team culture that values open and honest feedback

Inside you’ll find insights from experts in the field including Charles Parry of Signet Research & Consulting and the co-founder of Scrum himself, Jeff Sutherland. Topics covered include:

  • How retrospective meetings work for individuals and teams
  • Tips for better and more productive retrospective meetings
  • Details on the facilitator’s role in the retrospective process
  • Ideas for increasing participation and buy-in

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