One of the keys to scaling effectively at the expansion stage is using customer segmentation to identify your best current customer segments so that you can sell to them more often and more efficiently.

Of the many challenges that startup B2B technology companies face, replicating prior success in a scalable and predictable manner can be customer segmentationespecially troublesome. That’s because many of these companies tend to generate a disproportionate amount of their sales from a relatively small number of customers. Through customer segmentation, however, companies can identify other prospects who are most similar to their best current customers, paving the way for additional sales growth.

Finding Your Best Customer: A Guide to Best Current B2B Customer Segmentation outlines a research process that expansion-stage technology companies can use to focus their sales and marketing efforts on the customers and prospects that matter most.

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  • Conduct customer research to identify your best, most profitable current customer segment
  • Verify hypotheses about the characteristics and behaviors that set those customers apart
  • Identify and target additional prospects that resemble those customers to speed up your sales cycle and fuel sustainable growth

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