Corporate blogging programs are an essential component of an effective marketing strategy. Executed correctly, they can help you drive traffic to your site through search, generate high-quality leads, build your brand by demonstrating your team’s expertise, and provide sales with a valuable vehicle to better connect with target prospects, customers, and key influencers.

However, to be successful, blogging has to be part of your company-wide strategy. Your CEO and executive team must buy in to the value of the program, communicate its importance to employees, determine short- and long-term goals, and dedicate the proper resources to the effort. In addition, participating employees should be given a goal pertaining to a regular blogging rhythm and must dedicate a set amount of time each week to creating marketable content. To be sure, it’s no small undertaking.

That’s where OpenView’s eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Blogging,” can help. Featuring the advice of experts such as Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute and Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, the eBook provides a(n):corporate blogging

  • Comprehensive list of the benefits of corporate blogging
  • Overview of the roles necessary to get a program off the ground
  • Checklist of responsibilities for key stakeholders
  • Series of quick start guides to help you understand the process
  • Overview of key metrics to track to measure your success

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  • Enchelmaier

    The print is much tooooo small and toooo weak for elderly or sight impaired persons.

    But thank you for your efforts