One of the greatest challenges that most B2B companies face, particularly those lacking the brand recognition and market traction of their biggest competitors, is figuring out how to drive high-quality leads.

OpenView’s eBook, Get More Customers! How to Build an Outbound B2B Lead Generation Team that Drives Sales provides a detailed overview of B2B lead generation and how to create an effective B2B lead generation machine. Specifically, it will help you to:

Get More Customers! How to Build an Outbound B2B Lead Generation Team that Drives Sales

  • Understand what outbound lead generation is and why it’s important
  • Learn the components of a successful outbound generation implementation
  • Improve your outbound approach and process
  • Explore the various technologies available to sales managers and how to utilize them effectively to manage the outbound lead generation process

The eBook focuses on small but crucial adjustments you can make to increase your team’s productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. It also provides a framework for the many nuances and complexities of building — or improving — a high-functioning outbound B2B lead generation program.

If you are looking to build out your sales funnel with highly qualified prospects this guide is for you.

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Are You Ready to Build an Outbound B2B Lead Generation Team?

Before you get to carried away, you need to evaluate your understanding of outbound lead generation, ask yourself four crucial questions, consider factors like lead generation economics, and recognize the key roles needed in your team

Building Your Team

So you’ve decided you’re ready to build your team? Don’t forget this important step: Map out your model, set the right goals and expectations for yourself, and determine the right team size for sales success.

Recruiting the Ideal Outbound Lead Generation Rep

A lousy sales rep can sink all your hard work, so make sure you hire well. In this post, we outline the profile of the perfect candidate, share interviewing tips, and offer advice for building a competitive, yet practical compensation plan.

Developing Your Management Process

There are a few approach when it comes to Outbound Lead Generation management. We’ve outline a few to help you determine the right one for you.

Training Your Outbound Lead Generation Team

Don’t leave your sales reps wandering aimlessly. Even the most talented reps need a bit of direction. Learn what to include in new hire training and how to build an asset package.

Lead Generation Management Tactics

Turn your promising sales reps into sales superstars by keeping them motivated with these six tips.

Mastering Key Outbound Lead Generation Skills

Outbound lead generation can be tricky. In this post, we demonstrate the key skills you need to succeed, from target email prospecting to dealing with gatekeepers.

Balancing Inter-Team Management

You probably already know the importance of harmonious inter-team relationships. In this post, we’ll show you how your lead generation team can maintain collaboration with sales, create a marketing feedback look, and collaborate with other teams on events.

Choosing the Right Tools for Outbound B2B Lead Generation

A strong customer relationship management (CRM) system is key to a success. But how do you determine which to use? Here, we outline your options, listing the pros and cons. We also suggest a few non-CRM tools and practices.

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  • zac

    never got to download the book, was searching for the article.
    oh I get it now

  • Brandt Page

    Looking forward to the download. Especially since I am the founder of which is a high end outsourced partner to do exactly this :)
    Instead of building a team internally, companies are outsourcing to Launch Leads as the experts to get them in the door with qualified and interested decision makers. This way, their internal team can focus on what they do best, Closing new business, and letting our US based, in-house team do the heavy lifting of prospecting and lead qualification.

  • Softmedia

    Looking forward to the download. At present our company is getting leads from Google Adwords. As a result we are satisfied with the total cost of campaign and amount of leads coming, but cannot be satisfied at all with their quality.

  • WinGreen Marketing

    Very thorough and informative e-book. I’m happy to see someone put forward a thoughtful viewpoint that good old-fashioned telephone calling is still an effective way to find sales prospects. In my experience, it’s still the most effective and, when supported by outbound content marketing (email marketing that promotes content like white papers and webcasts), by far the most cost-effective means of generating leads.

    I also concur with Brandt Page’s assertion that outsourcing the function may also be an even better decision. Why try to learn, master, and execute a 90-page e-book when you can immediately tap into experienced experts who already have the people, processes, and technology necessary to excel?

    Unless you’re a marketing company, the lead generation function is not a strategic business process that creates your products. Therefore, it should be a candidate for outsourcing. Companies like mine (WinGreen Marketing Systems and Brandt’s do these 90 pages every day, day in and day out. The lead quality will be higher, the cost-per-lead will be lower, and you’ll have one less non-strategic organization taking up precious headcount and management time.

    Just a thought. I’d love to see more from these authors on outbound marketing, and I’d love to see how they “marry” the telephone function to more modern content marketing like email marketing, inbound marketing, and PPC. A high-performance phone follow-up process for turning inbound leads into sales prospects is a critical function.

    Don Montgomery
    WinGreen Marketing Systems

    • orisfa

      Hi Don, Thanks for the thoughtful comment. You make some good

      points here. In some cases it does make sense to outsource this function, but there is also a strong argument for building it in-house.

      Particularly at the expansion stage technology companies are are focused on building the foundation that there growth is will stem from. That is culture, team, systems, and infrastructure. Keeping this team in house is an opportunity, and in many cases forces companies to begin creating all of that.

      An in-house lead gen team forces you to hone your lead management and sales process, develop your systems so that you can actually build a solid database on prospects to market to, create a management infrastructure that enables your company to higher and train new employees, and perhaps most importantly, the outbound lead generation team will serve as the bench for your sales team, and it gives your management the opportunity to instill the companies culture in them so that they carry that through the ranks as they grow with the company. None of this happens when you outsource.

      Furthermore when a company hits it’s stride the economics improve and in many cases it’s a lot more cost effective to keep this function in house.

      Glad you liked the piece. If you’d like to see more on outboudn lead generation feel free to check out my blog:, and Devon McDonald’s blog as well: We should also have a great benchmark report coming out soon.



  • Christine Steffensen

    Thanks for the Ebook! I feel like the methods we used and the ideal practices we recommend in our own company has been put into comprehensive words. It’s all about finding the right company to work with you, that always has strong integrity and can fulfill more than just what you have agreed upon.

  • hosseini

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