Driving a Wedge Between Your Dream Client and Your Sales Competition

by The Sales Blog

Sometimes the biggest differentiation between you and your sales competition isn’t your product and it isn’t price — it’s the customer’s trust in your ability to help them imagine and accomplish their goals.

“You need to drive a wedge between your dream client and your competitor,” writes S. Anthony Iannarino. “You do that through differentiation, being different in a way that makes a difference.” Your goal should be not only to sell your customer your product, but to be viewed as a trusted resource, Iannarino argues. “This is what people mean when they say trusted adviser. Those words don’t mean that you are someone who simply offers advice. It means you are someone that they trust to help move their business from its current state to its desired future.”

“You also need to drive a wedge between your dream client and the status quo,” Iannarino continues. “You do that by focusing on your dream client’s dissatisfaction and the cost of not changing.” Once a customer trusts your expertise, and is confident that you’re in it with them — that you won’t disappear once you’ve sold them your solution — they will be much more comfortable in making a big change. That is why building a relationship and consensus is so important. For more on how you can differentiate yourself from your sales competition, read Iannarino’s full post here.

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