Drawing a Roadmap for Your Content Strategy in 7 Steps

by Marketing Profs

A content marketing strategy without direction won’t easily arrive at any milestones.

If you’re interested in giving your content a sense of purpose (as well as direction) and want to avoid looking lost in your copy, you’ll need a content roadmap. With one, your marketing-related goals will once again be attainable. In seven steps, the people over at MarketingProfs have created an instructional guide for content marketers looking to create a roadmap. Here are some of the steps, from the beginning:

  • Have goals in mind from the outset. Don’t wait until you’re deep into the execution phase of your content strategy to start formulating goals. You should build a roadmap that will help you reach your goals.
  • Create personas for your audience to get a better sense of your readers, subscribers and visitors. You can improve the quality of your content craftsmanship when you have a utilizable sense of their online personalities.

A content roadmap — if nothing else — is a means to an end. Without it, the life of a content marketer can be much harder than it needs to be. For the rest of the steps in creating a content roadmap, read the full article on the MarketingProfs website.