Domain Name Security: Protecting Your Company from Cybersquatters

by VentureFizz

Forward-thinking founders usually understand the importance of registering variations of their corporate domain name.

But did you know that there’s actually a security factor at play? In a recent post on VentureFizz, Dave Broadwin, partner at the Emerging Enterprise Center at Foley Hoag, concedes that it’s impossible to secure every variation of your domain name. But by registering the appealing alternatives, you can make it harder for cybersquatters to take advantage.

Hoag suggests registering all the popular choices: .net, .org, .biz and .info. He also adds that the Columbian extension, .co, is becoming more popular. While these common ones are important, so is thinking (and registering) outside of the box.

If all else fails and you find a pivotal variation of your domain name controlled by a cybersquatter, you may also have legal options for mending the matter.

For more on protecting your company from cybersquatters, as well as other considerations for registering your corporate domains, check out the full article by Hoag.