Doing Everything to get Your Company Blogging

by The Customer Collective

Creating a culture at your company that believes in blogging is no easy feat.

It requires a lot of planning and selling them on the merits of blogging. One point you should be sure to mention in your sermon is the benefit blogging has on inbound marketing. Its incorporation will drive customers directly to you with little additional effort. It’s truly a complete approach that should be a key cog in any marketing strategy. “The Inbound Marketing” book by HubSpot’s founders offers a lot of insights on – as the title implies – inbound marketing. But there is an entire chapter inside dedicated to blogging, too.

The book suggests a bevy of ways to promote blogging in the company. Competition amongst employees, focusing on results and rewarding contributions to the program are some of the many ideas that are presented.

Making the appropriate alterations to get employees blogging will undoubtedly result in improved competitive positioning for your company. Read the full article by Mike Volpe for more information on this topic.