Does Your Business Website Need a Tune-Up?

by Entrepreneur

If it’s been a while since you’ve performed an audit of your business website, there are probably a few overdue changes waiting for you.

In a domain (mind the pun) where simplicity is key, many business websites are overcrowded with useless widgets, links and features, writes Carol Tice in a recent post for Entrepreneur.

Whether your website suffers from a poor layout or just needs some usability tweaks, there are plenty of improvements to be made, she explains, such as:

  • Naturally, the first step is to simplify your website. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, reduce website clutter. Tice suggests getting back to basics.
  • If your website is leaking page views, consider a substantial makeover. A visual change could catapult your website over the top.

Don’t let your website get too far outdated. For more on improving your business website, read the full article by Tice.

Photo by: Till Westermayer