Do Your Lead Qualification Reps Sound Like Robots? Give them a Conversation Guide

Devon-McDonald by

You just launched a lead qualification team and you’re psyched for your reps to start making calls. But when you overhear them they sound like bad broken records, or the evil robot from 2001…

The good news is it’s most likely not entirely their fault. Think back to their first day on the job. Did you hand them a script to read from? There’s your problem. The bad news is now you have to do something about it.

Your lead qualification reps will never sound natural reading word-for-word from a script that someone else wrote for them, argues Devon McDonald in this short video from OpenView. What can you do instead? Provide them with a conversation guide. McDonald explains that a conversation guide is a one-page document that outlines the flow of conversation and provides several key things the rep should either say or ask on a call:

  1. A basic introduction
  2. Your crystal-clear value proposition
  3. Pains typically experienced by people in the prospect’s role at their type of organization
  4. Qualifying questions
  5. Suggestions and a transition to the next step: an appointment, call, or demo with your rep

“Again, it’s one page, not word-for-word,” says McDonald, “an outline of what you want your lead qualifier to achieve when he or she has a live conversation with a prospect.” Provide your lead qualification reps with a conversation guide and say goodbye to the botched robot calls.