Do your Customers Feel Like Virgin’s?

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Want to create the most thrilled customers and stimulate the greatest customer-initiated word of mouth marketing leading to greater numbers of inbound prospects? All you need to do is make your customers feel the same way that Virgin America’s customers feel from the incredible customer experience that Virgin America delivers to its customers.

My previous favorite airline was JetBlue, which came to the table with a great unique user experience and for the most part still does. JetBlue set the bar high with plenty of really easy to use check-in kiosks, leather seats, TVs at every seat, and friendly young flight attendants. JetBlue was head and shoulders above almost every U.S. airline (the exception, perhaps, is Southwest) until Virgin America came along.

Now Virgin America has taken the experience to the next level, including everything that Jet Blue offers plus even friendlier (and seemingly better trained) flight attendants, more options on the TV, WiFi and electric outlets on each plane, and the ability to order food and drinks from the TV monitor and have it arrive a few minutes later (and the food is pretty good too). This combined with the newer planes and hard-to-describe but better design aesthetic makes Virgin America’s customers smile (customers get on the planes and get settled are really interesting to watch as they discover the experience).

I believe that others get off the Virgin plane and do what I do, which is to tell everyone about my experience, which must be better for Virgin than any lead generation system or marketing strategies, even influence marketing or content management marketing strategies. This is the best of customer-experience-led sales and marketing. That is, product and development create unbelievable experiences that lead to customer-led marketing, probably one of the best business growth strategies.

How do your customers feel about the experience that you deliver? Deliver a similarly incredible experience and your customers will feel like Virgin’s!