Do you have a sales training program in place?

Devon-McDonald by

You hired a new inside sales rep. They start on Monday. You have high hopes that they will come on board and be the new rockstar on your team.

Step back for a minute: Are you confident in your sales training program?

If not… get your expectations in check. Realistically, with the lack of a solid sales training program, it will be a while before this new hire starts raking in the deals.

In order to have the fastest ramp up time, an expansion stage company’s sales training program needs to be well thought out and completely buttoned up prior to the rep’s start date. Often times, sales training becomes a mishmash of content/info that has been collected from different departments: marketing, product, etc.

This is not effective and will more than likely confuse/overwhelm your new hire, rather than help him/her.

While it is important that all of the different departments play a role in the new hire’s onboarding, the sales manager (more so than other department leaders) really needs to step up to the plate and implement a training program fully-baked that is geared specifically towards selling. No two sales organizations are exactly the same, so even if you are bringing in a rep with many years of experience, there is still A LOT for him/her to learn about how your business sells.

So what exactly do you need in your sales training program?

  • Objection Handling
  • Scripts (email and verbal)
  • Qualifying questions
  • Model day for success
  • Activity metrics and measurements
  • The mapped out sales process
  • Information about the methodology that your business applies to the sales process
  • The definitions of each stage of the process, most importantly what is an “opportunity”?
  • Organizational Charts, Roles and Responsibilities and Territory Maps
  • FAQs
  • The prospects’ persona, business model, most common pain points

For the companies in OpenView Venture Partners‘ portfolio, in the upcoming months, Managing Director Brian Zimmerman and I will be creating an assessment and best practices guide for establishing sales training programs. Stay tuned!

My parting questions: What does your sales training program look like? How long is your ramp up time? Please share!