Do Women Have to Choose Between Being Successful and Being Well-Liked?


Why is it that these days, with more women in the workplace, in college (accounting for 60% of students), and bringing home the bacon than ever, they still face demeaning labels and stereotypes when they succeed?

From Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO and highest paid exec, to Oprah, even the most influential and powerful women admit they still feel pressure to downplay their accomplishments and ambition. By this point, the idea that assertive or competitive qualities are only positives when associated with men is widely perceived to be incorrect and outdated, but nevertheless, it lingers. In a post for Fast Company, Lydia Dishman shares the thoughts, concerns, difficulties, and triumphs of women speaking out against the “bitch in the boardroom” stereotype (among others). Read Dishman’s full post here.

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