Do Women Board Members Make Better Decisions?

by Fast Co. Exist

women board membersResearch suggests that companies with women board members fared better during the economic downturn than companies with only men at the helm. Maybe it’s time to include women on your company’s board – if you haven’t already.

Kate Gammon of Co.Exist cites a new report from Credit Suisse’s research division that found “companies with at least one female board member have outperformed those with only men over the past six years.” The research involved 2,360 companies around the world with women board members and with only men, and those companies with women helping to lead outperformed the other companies’ stocks by 26%. The study explains that companies with women board members may be larger and better established, but also that “more women in the group signaled a greater collective intelligence.” Gammon points out that “women are the primary consumer decision maker in homes across the world, and having women on the board may guide companies to better products or services.” After all, she knows best.