Discussing Agile Development in the Software Industry


A panel comprised of Ian McFarland, CTO, Pivotal Labs; Elisabeth Hendrikson, QualityTree; Diego Rodriguez, partner, IDEO; and Jay Dvivedi, CIO, Shinsei Bank sit down to discuss agile development in this video. This particular grouping of people represents a number of varied businesses and backgrounds, all using agile development with great success. Their findings and lessons exemplify the best parts – which ultimately boost productivity – of agile.

One of the fundamental points discussed during the forum is how agile development breeds success. The process is what enables success, not the people. Finding the right people and teaching them the right process is a universal practice at most successful companies, although they may not officially bill themselves as agile companies.

The panel goes into great detail on each component of agile and how the cogs ultimately run the machine. Applying a truly agile approach – and not a “fragile” approach, as Hendrikson quipped – is likely going to benefit any qualified business.