Demystifying Emotional Intelligence as a Recruiter

by Recruiter

Emotional intelligence is becoming a more widely accepted tool to analyze job candidates’ abilities.

Whereas intelligence quotient was the predominant analytical measurement previously, emotional intelligence has steadily risen in value. It can predict the way an employee will interact with others around them, including fellow employees, peers and customers. The intrinsic value of this to a company is great.

Michael Moffa, a writer that covers recruiting topics, argues that emotional intelligence can be difficult to gauge without bias. He believes that culture can create an immense gap in the accuracy of any attempt to gauge emotional intelligence. As such, the test should take into account cultural differences.

Emotional intelligence is still just a single tool in the recruiting process. It, too, has gaps. For example, it can’t predict employee development or performance on its own. For more employee intelligence recruiting tips, read the full article by Moffa.