Defining a Great Board of Directors

by AVC

 In a post for AVCFred Wilson breaks down the role and responsibilites of your company’s board of directors.

board of directors

“On all matters of major strategic importance, the Board will need to be engaged, involved, and supportive,” Wilson writes. “However, the Board should not run a company.”

Wilson says the Board’s job is to make sure the right team is at the helm, not to be at the helm themselves, as they work for the company.

“They must always act in the best interests of the company and its major stakeholders; the employees, the customers, the shareholders, the debtholders, and everyone else that is relying on the company to deliver on its promises,” he writes.

Wilson says directors often must act against their own self interests. Many times, he says, there are no easy answers and therefore the Board must debate.

“Debate is what good Boards do,” he writes. “Good directors are deeply engaged in the important issues and they are upfront and open about their opinions on them.”

Wilson says it’s a mistake for CEOs to manage their Board, adding that a great Board manages itself.

“Boards are fluid. They should evolve. Members should come and go occasionally,” he writes.

Over at Open View, there’s tons of advice on Board of Directors, including how to recruit the best people, balancing your Board out and how to run a good board meeting.


For more on what makes a good Board of Directors, read Wilson’s full post here.


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