How to Market Your Case Studies

Devon-McDonald by

This is a part of a series that was created to help you create case studies for your company. This series will walk through the process, necessary roles, in addition to guides for each role to help your company get started quickly.

What’s the point of creating a case study if you haven’t found the appropriate channels to distribute it? As the initiative owner, it’s up to you to determine the best ways to get this content into the hands of the target audience.

Consider these vehicles for distribution:

  • E-mail campaign from the individuals on your sales team to their nurturing accounts
  • E-mail blast to new prospects to support lead generation efforts
  • Press release
  • Post on your corporate website
  • Post on your customer portal
  • Newsletter
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog page
  • Employee e-mail signatures

To make your final document that much more visually appealing and polished before you distribute it, consider using Zmags. Zmags is a SaaS provider that specializes in interactive collateral management – essentially the product can digitize your collateral, enrich it with interactive features, and track your readers’ behavior.

Beyond the core vehicles for distribution, your sales team should play a major role in distributing your case studies.

Ways your sales team can use the content:


  • E-mail blast/follow-up to new prospects to support lead generation efforts
  • E-mails from account executives to the accounts they are nurturing
  • E-mails from account managers to customers that are considering an upgrade
  • Hardcopy printouts for in-person presentations and trade shows

In order for the sales team to be effective with the content, make sure that the team:


  • Has access to the content (i.e., it is stored in a folder that is easily accessible)
  • Understands the content
  • Understands how to best deliver the content (email, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc.)

Next week, I’ll explain how to gather feedback on your released case studies to determine their value and areas in need of improvement.