Dealing with Monkeys on Your Back, Interruptions

by Customer Collective

Everybody’s work day is usually inundated by distractions, which can take many forms.

The key to maximizing your personal productivity and the amount of time you have to sort yourself is by limiting these distractions. But be forewarned, handling these speed bumps will take an assertive stance. Part of the initial cause of your troubles is an inability to keep clear of requests. Whenever you’re beckoned, you’re happy to oblige. And this can end up propelling your issues.

To handle your distraction problems, you need to face them; don’t ignore them. The next time a fellow employee asks you for some of your time, first consider whether it will be a burden on your personal schedule. If this is the case, then you need to inform them of your inability to tend to their request.

Recognizing that your time is valuable and often siphoned by others is the first step in keeping free of distractions. Taking action is the next. For more information on this subject, read the full article by Jonathan Farrington.