Damage Control: 3 Reasons to Avoid Sales Leads Lists

by B2B Lead Roundtable Blog

sales leads listsMarketing and sales are about creating relationships, not spamming inboxes. Avoid sales leads lists and the damage that buying leads can do to your company.

Andrea Johnson, editorial manager at marketing research firm MECLABS, warns marketers about the slippery slope that sales leads lists represent. In a post for B2B Lead Roundtable Blog, Johnson echoes the sentiments of HubSpot and ExactTarget executives who “have one piece of advice” about buying sales leads lists: “Don’t do it.” Johnson offers three reasons to steer clear of buying lead lists, the first of which is that it could drastically impede your company’s email marketing efforts. After that, Johnson reminds you that your “response rate will be nil,” and in the end you’ll simply “harm your brand’s reputation and your sales results.”