CXO: Why Every Company Will Need a Chief Experience Officer


Increasingly, a company’s customer experience is expected to be the result of a seamless alignment of its brand, products, and services. But whose responsibility is it to ensure those things are on the same page? Enter the Chief Experience Officer.

“A brand’s voice and promise should inform the products that are built and the surrounding services that are delivered to customers,” writes Reuben Steiger, principal at international experience design firm Method. “The reality is much messier. Products are often designed and developed based on business requirements, then passed on to the marketing team which may or may not communicate with the brand department.”

Steiger argues that a Chief Experience Officer could “recognize and react to the changing needs, expectations, and emotions of customers, working with all internal divisions to ensure that the brand and its products and services were all orchestrated to deliver the greatest possible customer experience.” He also acknowledges the challenges of creating such an officer-level role that is “cross-functional and operational but also tactical.” In light of those challenges, he suggests that there are six things companies can take action to make customer experience more cohesive and engaging. Read the full post at Method’s 10×10 series for the full list.