Customer Support Sets Your Company Apart: Make It for the Right Reasons

by The Kernel

customer supportCustomer support is what can set your company apart in a crowded space and earn you lifelong customers.

Alex Barrera, Spanish editor at The Kernel, writes that customer support is the one thing “that will make your company stand out” in “a globalized world that brings competitors from the four corners of the earth.” As a prime example of a company with stellar customer support, Barrera points to Rackspace. After signing up with them for cloud server space, Rackspace, a Texas-based company, called Barrera in Madrid, Spain. “From that moment on,” Barrera writes, “I felt I had become part of this family called Rackspace.” Barrera also relates a story of how Rackspace returned a substantial sum of money after one of Barrera’s cloud servers was hacked and resulted in him being overcharged. He says that “it’s difficult to underestimate the effects” of proactive customer service “and the goodwill it has generated.”