Customer Service Assessment: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

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Customer service can make or break your business. Shouldn’t you know how your company is doing? Our new customer service assessment tool can help!

Just about everyone has been on the receiving end of bad customer service at one point or another. A less-than-courteous rep on the phone, a slow response to an issue you are facing — no matter what the flavor, bad customer service can have serious implications for the success of your company. It almost always negatively affects a customer’s experience and, when it happens repeatedly, can attract the kind of bad publicity that damages your brand and undermines your business.

Conversely, great customer service helps ensure that your customers keep coming back. If they feel they are getting good service and personalized attention, you are more likely to not only retain those customers, but also get them to use more of your products and services more often. In the process, you are also making important strides toward developing your company’s reputation.

Going Beyond Customer Service 101

Okay, so you already know that customer service is essential to the success of your business. But do you have a clear sense of how good or bad your company’s customer service actually is? More importantly, do you know what you can do to improve it?

Here is where OpenView can help. We have just released a beta version of a customer service assessment tool that is designed to help expansion-stage technology companies evaluate and improve their customer service efforts. To create the tool, we partnered with Bill Price, one of our senior advisors and a former customer service executive at Amazon, as well as his team at Driva Solutions.

To find how well your company is doing, simply click on the link below to answer a short series of questions about your company, its operations, and its service and culture.

What you’ll get

  • Your own personalized customer service score 
  • Concrete recommendations on how to improve your company’s customer service 
  • Additional industry-leading advice to help you implement each suggestion

Get Started Now!

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  • Wow, I scored…low. I think that’s because I’m a sole practitioner and don’t have any formal systems (CRM, Six Sigma, etc.) in place. And not because I yell, “Go away!” into the receiver with each incoming call.

    • Would love to get your feedback on this assessment tool, Jonathan. E-mail me if you have any comments. Thanks!