Customer Loyalty, Retention and Satisfaction is Driven by Call Center Effectiveness

by Insurance Journal

The power of your call center is immeasurable in terms of customer retention.

A call center wields an amazing amount of diversified power. Their actions (or inactions) can bolster or derail your business. In this regard, the importance of their performance can not be undervalued. No other factor is more pivotal in all of this than problem resolution. If a customer hangs up the phone with an unresolved issue, according to the study in this article, they are four times more likely to defect to another company.

And many of these angry customers with unresolved issues can be pacified if the right approach was taken. A talented call center representative can defuse even the trickiest situations, thus saving you a client.

Frequently, a call center is a last resort – both for the customer and for you, the person who is trying to keep that customer from leaving. Make sure to recognize this when you’re forming your call center team.