Customer Loyalty: 5 Ways to Make Your Buyers Feel the Love

by Mashable

If you want customers to commit to your product you have to show them you’re ready to get serious.

Convincing your customers to go on a first date with your product is one thing, but how do you ensure that the relationship grows from there? You want them building plans around you, talking about you with their friends, and eventually making an exclusive long-term commitment. As Guy Nirpaz, CEO and co-founder of Totango writes in a recent post for Mashable, it won’t happen without a considerable amount of active involvement and follow-up on your part.

As in any relationship, you get what you give, and showing your customers that you’re thinking of them and are dedicated to their success will have them feeling the same. Investing in usability, product design, and support is a good first step, and providing onboarding training is a must to ensure your customer uses your product successfully, thereby making it much more likely that it will deliver on its promise. Nirpaz also suggests tracking customer health – who’s doing well and who’s struggling to get value from your product — consistently analyzing customer usage, and following up accordingly.

For more tips on creating and maintaining customer loyalty, read the full post by Nirpaz.

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