Customer Experience Measurement: Know Exactly What They Want

by 1 to 1 Media

Learn the building blocks of customer experience measurement to get a better understanding of what your buyers want and how better to deliver it.

customer experience measurementForrester Research VP Kerry Bodine writes in this guest post for 1 to 1 Media that although “measurement is deeply embedded in business functions like finance and IT, companies still struggle with measurement when it comes to customer experience.” Using JetBlue as a case study, Bodine discusses how customer experience measurement is possible.

JetBlue introduced a series of customer experience measurement tools, Bodine says, centered mainly around an email survey that “asks passengers to grade each part of their end-to-end travel experience” and the analysis of survey results. The survey and follow-up analysis help form the “three building blocks of a solid customer experience measurement framework” that target perception metrics, descriptive metrics, and outcome metrics. With so much data, you cover all of your bases.