Customer Engagement: 10 Truths About Your Target Audience

by Social Media Today

Strengthen your customer engagement by knowing more about your customers in the first place. Start with this infographic that covers some universal truths of the consumer.

Anita Loomba, Marketing Manager at Fred Meyer Jewelers, writes in Social Media Today that “you can never know too much about your customers,” and “understanding their likes and dislikes” can be key to effective customer engagement. Loomba highlights an infographic by Help Scout, titled “Ten Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them,” and presents a few of the key takeaways.

“Customers prefer knowledgable and thought-out service, rather than having a rushed experience,” Loomba says, and “loyalty customers are bound to stay if you get them started with the program.” To increase customer engagement over your social channels, be sure to skip most of the save-with-us messaging. “Consumers would rather connect with a brand emotionally,” she points out.

Customer Engagement


Feature image by Aaron Alexander