Crowdsourcing Marketing: Leveraging Customer Engagement for Maximum Impact

featuring Kevin Cain

Crowdsourcing Marketing: Leveraging Customer Engagement for Maximum Impact

featuring Kevin Cain

Is crowdsourcing marketing the key to unlocking your customers’ enthusiasm so that you can build better products, increase brand recognition, and produce the kind of content they want?

While crowdsourcing — the process of leveraging a large group of people to execute a specific task — has been around for a long time, it’s only more recently that crowdsourcing marketing has become popular. Today, an increasing number of companies use crowdsourcing marketing to engage and empower their customers, and to encourage those customers to interact with their brand. It’s also a tactic savvy companies are leveraging to generate content, fuel campaign virality, and conduct cost-effective market research.

Our latest report, “Crowdsourcing Marketing: Leveraging Customer Engagement for Maximum Impact” highlights the four components of building a framework for crowdsourcing marketing success. These include:

  • Establishing the purpose of your campaign
  • Choosing a process method for your campaign, such as a content
  • Picking a medium on which to execute your campaign, such as your company’s website or a community forum
  • Projecting the end result of your initiative, such as increased exposure

The report also analyzes three examples of effective crowdsourcing marketing techniques that are being used by Stripe, MINDBODY, and Avid Software, three small but innovative technology companies around the country.

As the report explains, while each of the companies featured experienced incredible success using crowdsourcing marketing, that’s no coincidence. Just like most marketing strategies, when executed properly crowdsourcing marketing can have great results.

To find out more about what makes crowdsourcing such a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective marketing option, download the full report by clicking “download” to the right of your screen.

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Kevin Cain is the Content Marketing Director for BlueChip Communication, Australia's leading financial services communication firm. Before joining BlueChip, Kevin was the Director of Content Strategy for OpenView.

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  • Jeff Weiss

    Well crowd source marketing is a very cool new idea. were implementing it with our new product. We feel empowering the user to act as a “brand ambassadors” is far more effective then a call center. Our product (My Open Road) is targeted at retailers, but a retailer is going to listen to his or her customer far more openly then getting a cold call from someone they don’t know.

    • kevincain

      Thanks for checking out the report, Jeff. Yes, crowdsourcing is a great marketing tactic and one that really is an effective way to increase engagement and, as you say, build brand ambassadors. Sounds like you have an interesting product to do just that. Have you found that it works well and gets the desired result?