Creative Entrepreneurship: 4 Tips to Developing Your Business Creativity

by Inc.

“For some entrepreneurs, a great “aha” moment is the spark that leads to the formation of their company. But just one ‘aha’ isn’t going to do it,” writes Kimberly Weisul is Editor-at-Large for Inc.

“So how do you get more everyday creativity into your company – and enhance the odds that when you need a breakthrough, you’ll get one?,” Weisul asks. To learn the answers, Weisul spoke with Jonah Lehrer, the author of the best-selling Imagine: How Creativity Works, and asked his advice for entrepreneurs on how to keep the creative spark alive.

Lehrer responded with four tips to help founders and CEOs think outside of the box and keep innovation at the center of both their overall vision and day-to-day, some of which might be surprising. In addition to suggesting entrepreneurs throw out brainstorming – criticism is actually crucial, it leads to more ideas that are also more original, Lehrer argues – he recommends surrounding yourself with diversity, making it a point to talk with strangers, and making your business run more like a city rather than a company. Cities force us to mix and mingle, Lehrer says, but unlike companies, they don’t micromanage. For more on how you can foster more creative entrepreneurship in your company, read the full article here.

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