Creating a Model Day for Success

by Devon McDonald

Creating a Model Day for Success

by Devon McDonald

This is a part of a series that was cre­at­ed to help you get the prac­tice of out­bound prospect­ing built into your com­pany.  This series will walk through the process, nec­es­sary roles, in addi­tion to guides for each role to help your com­pany get started quickly.  In the next few posts, I’ll be releasing the contents of a quick start guide for the outbound prospecting manager to use to attain success during this process.

In order for your outbound prospecting program to thrive, a model day for success must be established from the get-go. In a cold calling/business development role, there will be a LOT of distractions. However, if your day is structured and your distractions are limited, you will have a greater chance of achieving high efficiency and productivity.

Here is an example of a model day that OpenView has created for its own team of outbound prospectors, the research analysts:

  • 8:30am-9am       Prepare for the day (personal organization and preparedness) OPTIONAL
  • 9am-10am           Reactive activities
  • 10am-12pm        Proactive Activities
  • 12pm-1pm          Lunch
  • 1pm-1:30pm      Reactive activities
  • 1:30pm-4pm      Proactive Activities
  • 4pm-5pm            Reactive activities(team meetings)


Proactive activities = outbound calling and sending high-priority follow-up e-mails after conversations

Reactive activities = responding to e-mails and sending low-priority follow-up e-mails

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Next week, I’ll be posting some thoughts to improve your conversion by turning your leads into qualified opportunities.

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Devon McDonald is responsible for working directly with key stakeholders within OpenView’s portfolio to provide strategic guidance in the areas of sales, marketing, and influencer channel development, as well as operational efficiencies.

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