Cramming Won’t Help You Hit Your Sales Quota

by The Sales Blog

Hitting your sales quota isn’t like passing a test — last-minute cramming won’t cut it.

“If you are going to miss your number this quarter, it’s not because of the work that you are doing now. Or even the work you have done over the last few weeks,” writes sales expert S. Anthony Iannarino. In a post for his blog he argues, “Success in business and life isn’t much like a high school or college. There isn’t any way to cram for results, least of all sales results. You have to do the work now that produces the outcomes that lead to your future results.” For more on how to start putting in the work now for a passing grade next quarter, read the full post here.

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While each sales rep is responsible for his or her quota, the sales manager’s job to make sure that quota is realistic and that any issues are being proactively addressed long before the end of the quarter. The best way to do so is by establishing a regular sales forecasting review process. For more advice on getting a sales forecast off the ground, read this post from the OpenView Blog.