Cozy Up to Big-name Marketing Partners for Buzz on a Budget


Make the big names in your space your marketing partners and start building your brand’s buzz without any budget.

In a video from, Local Big Wig CEO Ray Madronio discusses the benefits of leveraging established brands as marketing partners to bring attention to your startup. “Having very little money in our budget to pay for pay-per-click advertising or banner advertising,” Madronio says, “we look for other, more creative ways to spread our brand.”

Madronio contacted big names in his space and offered to funnel his company’s data and content to their APIs, which in turn brought clickthroughs to his site. “We’re able to tout that we’re working with major portals, and it gives us amazing credibility,” Madronio says. Watch the video below for the complete Local Big Wig tale, along with expert tips for opportunities to leverage other marketing partners.

Director of Analytics and Search