Corporate Decision Making: Empowering a Culture of Decision Democracy

Josh Z by

As the founder of a growing startup or expansion-stage company, it can be difficult to relinquish or redistribute corporate decision making to anyone other than senior-level executives.

corporate decision making

But according to entrepreneur Robert Jordan in a post for, corporate decision making does not need to start at the top of your company’s hierarchy. In fact, it might do your business a world of good to empower employees to make some key decisions (and mistakes).

Don’t believe Jordan? OK, then what about Zappos’ founder Tony Hseih? According to Jordan, Hseih’s ability to democratize corporate decision making created a culture that made everyone at Zappos — from entry-level customer service reps to senior executives — more invested in the company’s success. Hseih was so committed to a corporate decision making process that empowered his employees that he placed his desk in the middle of everyone else’s and frequently asked for his team members’ input. Ultimately, Jordan writes, that resulted in a team full of “people who put their heart into their work.”