The Coolest Office Spaces in the World

by Inc.

Home may be where the heart is, but it’s got nothing on these offices.

Inc. has once again searched the globe over to determine the coolest office spaces in the world. The result is a list of six work spaces that represent the perfect balance between design and function, providing beautiful and inspiring spaces that encourage employee collaboration and occasional play – skiball and skateboarding bowls included.

As the list demonstrates, the best offices find a way to express their companies’ visions and cultures, telling their company’s story. And in some cases, they tell the history of the area or the building, itself, especially if it has a colorful and varied past – offices in the list have been renovated from an abandoned hotel, a 1940s theater, and a railway station. Others strive to achieve harmony with their environment, breaking down the boundaries between indoors and out, and in some cases offering incredible views. Click here to see Inc.’s complete list. Just try not to get too jealous.

How cool is your office? What elements make it an inspiring, fun, and productive place to work?

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