How to Generate High-Quality Leads from Social Media

by Content Marketing Institute

Since social media usage is steadily rising worldwide, it’s no wonder that most of companies are now looking for ways to maximize on their investment.

What does this entail when it comes to using your content to create high-quality leads? According to a recent study by FUSION B2B, that means getting ahead of the other 97 percent of marketers that are planning to increase their social media marketing this year.

And your content marketing strategy is your advantage. The content you create must be superior to your competitors’ in order to drive high-quality lead generation. This can be accomplished by having more unique content that features information and thought leadership that others aren’t disseminating.

Following a properly crafted plan for your content should allow you to easily ascend above the noise in the social media market. For more information on creating content that generates high-quality leads, read the full article by Rachel Foster.