Content Marketing Webinar- Joe Pulizzi

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Our friend Joe Pulizzi has an upcoming webinar on Content Management Marketing December 16. Joe was the keynote and organizer of our recent OpenView Content Marketing Forum, which was well received by our portfolio companies and most have adjusted their marketing approaches based on the forum.

There are a lot of different possible goals for a content marketing strategy, but in my view it is the basis for great marketing, as great content is the necessary ingredient for the rest of the marketing functions (marketing channel strategy and execution, product marketing, channel marketing, website conversion, etc.) and doing it right by making it easy for your target customer helps to increase inbound marketing leads while reducing the sales cycle and increasing sales conversion rates.

Joe wrote the book on content marketing, is a great speaker, and a great guy. If you have not been exposed to him, consider his seminar.

You can sign up for Joe’s webinar here.